Our Olive Oil

The best olive oil you will ever taste - that's a promise!

Our Olives are picked by hand by us. We are not an Industrial production company but a family business for 4 generations. We carefully groom and trim each tree our self and pick the olives it produces every year. Olives for eating are picked in November and December. FYI. The olives for the making Olive Oil we pick in January true to end of March. They are 1/3 the size of eating olive and make much more olive per weight then the eating olives. Hence you understand why each different olive is harvested for its own logical use

We use no fertilizer and no watering. This make not only an Organic very flavorful product but a healthier Olive tree because it must grow strong in search of water in a 0 % humidity place with 40 C temperatures.

Now the longer the root the heathier the tree. Our trees are very old 300-800 years old.

We have not replanted a single oil tree in 100 years and the trees are widely spread apart to help the tree grow and breath. Check out our Areal Video 

We only trim and grind the dead branches in to pulp and spread the pulp around the tree which is the natural fertilizer for the trees and the pulp also helps keep the humidity in  the ground around the tree during the long hot months of summer