Our family

For more than 150 years, the olive trees at the foot of the Byzantine ruins of Mystra are owned by our family.

Our Family home was built in the 1600's and renovated and a second floor was added in the 1800'S. 

For generations we are passionate olive farmers. The knowledge of the ecological cultivation, the careful harvesting and the best processing of the olives was passed on from generation to generation.

We have added a few newly developed machinery since then to help import quality and stress to the trees. For example we no longer climb on to the tree but harvest the olives by way of routers. Also we grind the dead branches with our new wood chipper and cover the roots of the trees to help keep the moisture in the ground and to help- fertilize the trees... see pics 

One of our secretes and we have a few in producing the best Olive Oil.... is we pick olives every day but every 2-3  days we make Olive oil. We like to say our olive oil was on a tree 2 days ago.. 

This make for the freshest product money can buy but it does much more then that.

It slows down rancidity which mean the olive oil will keep fresh for 3 year instead of 1 year 

As a natural vegetable it will go rancid eventually but picking and making olive oil quickly just as soon as it comes of the tree..will  slow down the product from spoiling

This makes an incredible difference in quality, taste and life of the olive oil.