Commercial Clients


Commercial means all supermarkets, Importers and Distributors as well as Brokers. 

We are an association with over 8,000 grower with inventories between 2000 to 4000 +/-  tons of produce per year subject to weather and harvest conditions 

Product description 

Extra Virgin Cold Press production 

2nd grade prodcuts

Olive oil



Extra Light


Blends avaliable 

Available Products:  Organic and Non organic 


  • 250 ml 
  • 500ml
  • 750ml
  • 1000ml 
  • 2000ml
  • 3000ml
  • 5000ml
  • 17 liters 
  • bulk in 500ml drums to 25.000 kl truck  

Organic Product + 15% .  

Terms of payment are 30 60 n90 days from delevery 

Insured costumers

Financing will Require your full address telephone and VAT number

30 days 


90 days 

After delivery 

Cost of financing is 1% per month 

You must pay first shipment before receiving second shipment 

Non Insured is cash in advance ex works